PDF attachments

By default, all Notes attachments will get embedded inside the generated PDF files in their native formats (e.g. docx, xlsx etc.). There are two ways in which you can access/open such attachments from the PDF file.

One way is to double-click on the attachment icon shown in the PDF document page (just as you would in Notes). The following screenshot shows an example of three attachment icons on a page of a PDF document:

The second way is to open the Attachments panel of your PDF reader software. The following screenshot shows the Attachment panel opened in Adobe Reader by using the View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Attachments menu option (depending on your version of Adobe, this option may be located in a different menu):

SWING PDF Converter also provides additional advanced options for exporting attachments, such as extraction of attachments from a ZIP archive prior to processing, exporting attachments as raw files, and converting attachments to PDF. For more information please see the following page:

pageAttachment options

Note: Not all PDF readers support display of attachment icons on a page in a PDF document. It is recommended that you use the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Note: Files with ZIP extensions cannot be opened from Adobe Acrobat due to security restrictions (although some other PDF readers do provide this ability). If your documents include ZIP attachments, then it is recommended that you either change the ZIP file extension to a different one, or have the ZIP file contents extracted during the PDF conversion process (and processed as normal attachments). Both these actions can be performed automatically by SWING PDF Converter (by configuring the PDF Settings in the administration menu).

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