Release History

Version 6.71 (2023-Sep-05)

  • Attachment icon has been added to show in the PDF package view.

Version 6.70 (2023-Jun-07)

  • The "Cannot convert field - unsupported datatype" error has been resolved.
  • Custom image readers are now loaded only on Notes JVM.

Version 6.69 (2023-Feb-22)

  • Array index out of range error has been resolved

Version 6.68 (2022-Dec-13)

  • Issue with spacing when converting an email has been resolved.
  • Issue with the PDF having no metadata when attachments are converted and appended as PDF files has been resolved.
  • Issue with missing header/title has been resolved.
  • The NullPointerException error when exporting e-mail has been resolved.

Version 6.67 (2022-Sep-15)

  • Issue with unnecessary commas for number columns in embedded views.

Version 6.66 (2022-Aug-02)

  • Issue with transcodeing CMYK image to RGB has been resolved.

Version 6.65 (2022-Apr-26)

  • The NullPointerException error found when creating a PDF package has been resolved.

Version 6.64 (2022-Mar-18)

  • The product can now be activated via API call by users with Editor role or higher.

Version 6.63 (2022-Jan-14)

  • Multipage TIFF-images are now correctly appended to the generated PDF document.

Version 6.62 (2021-Dec-14)

  • A caching issue found in archiving jobs when attachments are saved to disk has been resolved.
  • An issue found with convert and append option has been resolved.

Version 6.61 (2021-Nov-16)

  • Attachments are now exported from hidden paragraphs normally.
  • A licensing issue found with databases that contain more than 1 million documents has been resolved.

Version 6.60 (2021-Oct-29)

  • An issue with letters showing up in white color on white background when the table cell contains background image has been fixed.
  • The category sum is now shown in embedded view as expected.
  • An issue with attachments getting duplicated during email conversion has been fixed.
  • Attachments are not deleted from temp folder as expected.
  • Encrypted attachments are now extracted properly.
  • Enabling the HTMLContainer option no longer causes conversion to fail with error.
  • Document links are now working as expected for MIME attachments.
  • Duplicate attachments embedded in PDF can now be opened normally.

Version 6.59 (2021-Aug-11)

  • An issue with bullet labels with Chinese characters missing in the PDF has been fixed.
  • The export of embedded views is now disabled when the export limit is set to 0.
  • The DLL file is now exported only when a newer version has been detected.
  • Password protected PPTX attachments are now exported as is when the "Convert attachments to PDF" option is enabled.

Version 6.58 (2021-July-08)

  • An issue with white letters not being displayed when the background contains an image has been fixed.

Version 6.57 (2021-March-23)

  • CSV exports now show all rows.
  • An issue with PDF column values missing in a PDF package has been resolved.
  • An issue with Notes crashes has been resolved.
  • An issue with PDF creation with only one document has been resolved.

Version 6.56 (2021-March-05)

  • An issue with PDF package missing document column values has been resolved.
  • An issue with PDF creation failing while generating a PDF package with a single document has been resolved.
  • An issue with incorrect background in tabbed table has been resolved.
  • A Notes crash issue found on a specific document has been resolved.
Version 6.55 (2021-Jan-26)
  • An issue with attachment export has been resolved.

Version 6.54 (2020-Nov-02)

  • Attachments are now displayed with a generic attachment icon instead of a grey box.

Version 6.53 (2020-Oct-21)

  • The NullPointerException on setFirstTabInterval() error has been resolved.

Version 6.52 (2020-Sep-28)

  • An issue with PDF file being created without a proper extension has been resolved.
  • The java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError has been resolved.

Version 6.51 (2020-Sep-01)

  • Response documents now show correct values in the category columns in PDF packages.
  • Dates in packages are now showing the correct dates.
  • Entries of an embedded view that shouldn't be there no longer cause heap-size errors.
  • Annotation wording has been improved for appended attachments.
  • Low level rendering is now available for documents containing MIME content too.

Version 6.50 (2020-Aug-11)

  • The "java.util.NoSuchElementException at java.util.Vector.firstElement(" error has been resolved.
  • An issue with responses that have no data in columns has been resolved.

Version 6.49 (2020-Aug-03)

  • An issue with license activation has been resolved.
  • An issue with the PDF package now sorting correctly has been resolved.

Version 6.48 (2020-Jul-24)

  • The embedded view category name is now shown in a single line.
  • Backslash in the filename no longer causes an issue when saving PDF to disk and sending by email.
  • PDFText.evaluateStringFormulas is no longer handling an empty string as an error.
  • The Enterprise license can now be used in local replicas.

Version 6.47 (2020-Jun-23)

  • An issue with converting documents on R6 has been fixed.
  • HTTPS URLs are now processed correctly.
  • An issue with the document file path getting trimmed when using archiving job events has been resolved.

Version 6.46 (2020-May-18)

  • A license validation error on Linux server has been fixed.
  • If a document has no form and default form is not set, a conversion error will be logged.

Version 6.45 (2020-May-07)

  • The deprecated SharePoint upload utility has been removed.
  • An issue with document conversion crashes Lotus Notes has been fixed.
  • An issue with OLE objects not being exported correctly has been fixed.

Version 6.44 (2020-Mar-09)

  • Minimum cell height is now evaluated correctly.
  • An issue with the PDF packages not showing column values or numbers has been fixed.
  • A license validation issue found on some clients has been fixed.

Version 6.43 (2020-Feb-06)

  • The "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The name is too long" error has been fixed.

Version 6.42 (2020-Jan-15)

  • A new export setting has been added to disable export of "hidden" attachments.
  • The number of embedded view entries shown in document has now been limited.
  • The "NullPointerException on processHotspot" error has been resolved.
  • An issue with the installation of PDF Converter resetting the HTTPJVM MaxHeapSize to 256M has been fixed.

Version 6.41 (2019-Nov-07)

  • An issue with a document table not being exported to PDF has been fixed.

Version 6.40 (2019-Nov-04)

  • An issue with exporting list checkboxes has been fixed.
  • An issue with forbidden characters encountered during export has been fixed.

Version 6.39 (2019-Sep-06)

  • An issue with an image missing when there is a space in the URL has been fixed.

Version 6.38 (2019-Aug-07)

  • An issue with the export log being created with unknown characters has been fixed.

Version 6.37 (2019-Jul-29)

  • Internal improvements

Version 6.36 (2019-Jul-05)

  • Support has been added for calculated cell background images
  • Alternate forms for headers/footers are now correctly applied

Version 6.35 (2019-Jun-28)

  • Fixed: a specific document conversion causes Notes to crash

Version 6.34 (2019-Jun-03)

  • Added single-click export capability
  • Resolved an issue with OLE objects not getting extracted to local

Version 6.32 (2019-May-20)

  • Dates are now converted properly in PDF Packages

Version 6.32 (2019-Apr-12)

  • Added ability to convert more than one Body HTML field
  • OLE Tools - added OpenOffice extraction
  • Resolved an issue with section positioned in the left margin

Version 6.31 (2019-Mar-21)

  • OLE attachments can now be exported as normal attachments
  • Resolved an issue with conversion hanging for certain page sizes when inline images are forced
  • Resolved an issue with the same attachment being embedded multiple times

Version 6.30 (2019-Mar-13)

  • The Date Range, Time Range and Date & Time Ranges values are now correctly displayed in PDF
  • The missing table cell background image issue has been fixed
  • Photos with the same filename no longer overwrite each other

Version 6.29 (2019-Feb-25)

  • Resolved an issue with java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • The "Document conversion failed - resulting PDF file could not be read" error has been fixed

Version 6.28 (2019-Jan-01)

  • The DLL file is now checked automatically to ensure it's the latest version
  • Documents with embedded views no longer cause endless conversion
  • An issue with the wrong embedded view being converted has been resolved

Version 6.27 (2018-Dec-19)

  • Resolved an issue with "Method not found" error appearing in Notes 6
  • The doclinks.xml file is now correctly created when the file path contains unicode characters
  • Resolved an issue with the NullPointerException at PDFHotspotParagraph.setMargins
  • Resolved an issue with " The byte array is not a recognized image format"

Version 6.26 (2018-Nov-05)

  • The section signer data is now displayed in the PDF correctly

Version 6.25 (2018-Oct-16)

  • Resolved an issue with infinite hang on Convert & Append
  • Notes no longer freezes when using the Low Level Renderer
  • The attachments are now correctly exported to the selected destination folder
  • The attachments with unique Notes back-end names are now correctly renamed to user defined names
  • Hotspots are now working correctly
  • Resolved an issue with ListItem images overlapping with text

Version 6.24 (2018-Sep-18)

  • Resolved an issue with Notes/Domino crashing when running agent.

Version 6.23 (2018-Sep-03)

  • An infinite table loop issue has been resolved
  • Page breaks are now rendered correctly
  • Tab stops in table cells no longer overlap
  • Images are no longer missing on specific documents

Version 6.22 (2018-Jul-31)

  • Archiving jobs work folder does not clean up properly
  • java.lang.Exception: Unrecognized content disposition type: *
  • NullPointerException at com.swsoftware.pdfc.core.PDFConverter.processGraphic(
  • java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at com.swsoftware.pdfc.core.CDManager.getDataOffset(
  • java.lang.NullPointerException at com.swsoftware.pdfc.core.PDFConverter.setImageCaption(
  • java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 74
  • java.lang.NullPointerException at com.swsoftware.pdfc.core.PDFConverter.processGraphic(
  • java.lang.NullPointerException at com.swsoftware.pdfc.core.PDFConverter.processHotspot(
  • Large documents (2000+ PDF pages) crash Notes / Domino

Version 6.21 (2018-Jun-29)

  • Fix: Document conversion crashes
  • Fix: Instance member SHA256STR does not exist
  • Fix: processHotspot - NullPointerException
  • Fix: Null pointer exception on tabbed table with merged rows
  • Fix: Update DLL missing popup
  • Fix: Section header with white text gradient color not visible
  • Fix: Embedded view with doclinks enabled malformed
  • Fix: Embedded view categories not shown
  • Fix: Table cell content garbled
  • Fix: Manual activation issue
  • Fix: No attachment names below icon

Version 6.20 (2018-Apr-09)

  • New: Removed deprecated properties from the LS API
  • Fix: API Error: File does not exist
  • Fix: Bullet list line broken to 1-char column
  • Fix: Custom metadata cannot be transferred to SharePoint

Version 6.19 (2018-Mar-28)

  • Fix: PNG attachment could not be found
  • Fix: Metadata XML not working on Notes 6 and Notes 7
  • Fix: Init manual Upload does not work
  • Fix: Safe entry name causes duplicates on long field names

Version 6.18 (2018-Mar-15)

  • New: Document field analysis XML
  • New: SharePoint uploader - Multi-value field support
  • New: Read and apply field types from analysis XML
  • New: Possibility to add user name as Common name instead of full Notes name
  • New: Improved data casting if no analysis XML file exists
  • New: Rename fields whose name conflicts with reserved SharePoint fields
  • New: Add max text length property to metadata XML
  • New: Search existing library fields by back end name (and not field title)
  • New: Option to upload documents as "CheckedIn" or "CheckedOut"
  • New: DateTime metadata values saved in UTC format
  • New: Low level renderer POSIX compliance
  • New: Display user friendly error when wrong activation code is entered
  • Fix: Set $createdBy, $updatedBy fields to show original notes data.
  • Fix: Metadata not transferred in Notes field contains space in name
  • Fix: Radio button not displayed correctly
  • Fix: Radio buttons show numbers instead of choices
  • Fix: "Created Date" and "Last modified date" can not be converted to DateTime
  • Fix: Product activation does not work on Notes 6
  • Fix: Text missing in email
  • Fix: Non-ASCII characters in metadata file name causing invalid file
  • Fix: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.swsoftware.pdfc.core.PDFText.createTabs(
  • Fix: Fidelity issue
  • Fix: File names not trimmed to 255 characters when doing separate PDF files
  • Fix: Embedded views from other databases cannot be exported.
  • Fix: Bullet margins collapse on RTL text within section
  • Fix: Remove unused imports
  • Fix: Build and publish new Linux shared library -
  • Fix: Hash license key for display

Version 6.17 (2017-Dec-20)

  • New: Cancel a running archiving job
  • Fix: Get metadata fails on large PDF documents
  • Fix: Notes error: Handle to a remote database cannot be used by more than one thread.
  • Fix: Disable consecutive swPDF.init() calls
  • Fix: "Include responses" option not passed to "processFolders"
  • Fix: Bookmarks view structure is incorrect
  • Fix: Two folders created if view name contains backslash
  • Fix: Hide-when formulas computed incorrectly
  • Fix: Detach failed on long attachment names
  • Fix: Read field data types from Notes form
  • Fix: Choice placed before content paragraph
  • Fix: Doclink missing
  • Fix: Empty (new) lines lost

Version 6.16 (2017-Nov-20)

  • Fix: Metadata fails if value contains control characters
  • Fix: Hotspot image not rendered
  • Fix: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.swsoftware.util.JavaUtils
  • Fix: Text rendered with wrong color
  • Fix: Hide-when printed paragraph rendered even though option was disabled in PDF settings
  • Fix: Text fields of type "Single line of text" not populated
  • Fix: Select repository folder on new archiving job throws error
  • Fix: Zip attachment is not renamed to .7z
  • Fix: Category / Folder applet exception
  • Fix: Bullet list issue on empty list item
  • Fix: Numbered list issue
  • Fix: License information hashed

Version 6.15 (2017-Oct-26)

  • New: Metadata XML formatting
  • New: Save metadata in CSV file when exporting separate documents
  • Fix: Load DLL from "..\libs" directory first
  • Fix: PDF Conversion hangs on specific document
  • Fix: Single category not rendered if it contains LMBCS characters in embedded view
  • Fix: Embedded view color scheme

Version 6.14 (2017-Oct-18)

  • New: Create SharePoint columns dynamically
  • New: Document upload to SharePoint improvements
  • Fix: Category name empty
  • Fix: Structured export issue
  • Fix: Exception in separate PDF files conversion stops export job
  • Fix: Date/Time conversion to UTC issue
  • Fix: Section merged with previous element
  • Fix: Tabs not rendered to PDF correctly (text overlay)
  • Fix: Missing images
  • Fix: Paragraph spacing before table
  • Fix: Error in rendering embedded views

Version 6.13 (2017-Sep-19)

  • New: Custom defined tab stop support
  • Fix: Font size >50pt ignored
  • Fix: Default text leading increased
  • Fix: SharePoint file upload errors
  • Fix: Advanced logging crashes Lotus Notes on big collections
  • Fix: Get metadata not working on Notes 6

Version 6.12 (2017-Sep-05)

  • Fix: Email content loss
  • Fix: Embedded view not rendered if PDF/A is enabled
  • Fix: Content width overflow exception
  • Fix: Get metadata and other actions output to console even if console log is disabled
  • Fix: Method ProcessRTItem does not load Low Level Renderer DLL
  • Fix: Missing image if "Display images after document loads" option set
  • Fix: PDF/A sample code disabled with Enterprise Edition
  • Fix: Formatting lost if list item contains image

Version 6.11 (2017-Jul-12)

  • New "PDF Settings" option: "Do not render Notes container document"
  • Fix: Section header design improvement
  • Fix: Errors on nested hotspots
  • Fix: Incorrect form used for document rendering
  • Fix: Images not exported if database has "Display images after loading" option enabled
  • Fix: Table cell left margin calculated wrong
  • Fix: Underline text overlaps with the line below
  • Fix: @InheritedDocumentUniqueID links do not open correct document
  • Fix: Doclinks in lists do not work
  • Fix: Method GetAsRTItem - "Attachment name" parameter
  • Fix: Conversion error if document contains RTF field named "$FILE"

Version 6.10 (2017-May-17)

  • Fix: Email images missing
  • Fix: "Name PDF's by" Combo Box in PDF Dialog is empty
  • Fix: Content duplication on empty bullet list item
  • Fix: Images shouldn't be resized in PDF if no resize option is set
  • Fix: Conversion crash if DB Image resource extraction fails
  • Fix: Page size and margins not set when calling LoadSettingsFromUNID method
  • Fix: Option to name documents by UNID in a separate PDF Conversion
  • Fix: Custom metadata cannot be modified
  • Fix: Sharepoint Uploader: System.IO.PathTooLongException
  • Fix: SharePoint Uploader: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
  • Fix: The file or folder name contains invalid characters
  • Fix: Linux deployment issue

Version 6.09 (2017-Mar-30)

  • New: LibreOffice 5 (x32 and x64) support
  • Fix: License activation does not work
  • Fix: Content missing in computed field
  • Fix: Left margin not aligned on numbered lists
  • Fix: System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a closed Stream.
  • Fix: Field with $ref value should be rendered as doclink
  • Fix: System.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
  • Fix: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  • Fix: Blank PDF generated if database contains "Frameset" or "Page" with the same name as document "Form"
  • Fix: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: java.awt.Color: field BLACK not found
  • Fix: Computed embedded views not resolved on 64bit Domino Server
  • Fix: Java class names change
  • Fix: Bad email link

Version 6.08 (2017-Jan-25)

  • New: Embedded view document links
  • New: [API]: Manual product activation
  • Fix: [HTML]: Illegal argument exception

Version 6.07 (2016-Dec-21)

  • Fix: SwPDFText.setTextColor
  • Fix: [DLL]: Computed URL not evaluated
  • Fix: Local database replica activation fails for Enterprise and Server license

Version 6.06 (2016-Dec-16)

  • Fix: Using alternate forms with document collections
  • Fix: Embedded view should be empty
  • Fix: Notes 6 and 7 compatibility fixes
  • Fix: Null pointer exception on process merged cells

Version 6.05 (2016-Dec-05)

  • Fix: CJK Fonts missing
  • Fix: Table bottom border missing
  • Fix: Incorrect table margin, table duplicated
  • Fix: White text invisible on PDF document
  • New : Clustering support

Version 6.04 (2016-Nov-11)

  • Fix: Very big font size
  • Fix: processColumnEntry NullPointerException
  • Fix: [Licensing]: Text case difference between local and Domino Server
  • Fix: [PDFC] Embedded view not displayed correctly

Version 6.03 (2016-Oct-21)

  • Fix: processMergedCells NullPointerException
  • Fix: [Archiving Jobs]: Cannot start SharePoint configuration dialog

Version 6.02 (2016-Sep-29)

  • New: Do not install SWING PDF Converter if newer version is already installed
  • New: Attach to PDF and extract to disk
  • Fix: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 4
  • Fix: Blue line over text
  • Fix: Error converting document when adjusting paragraph spacing
  • Fix: Export with Bookmark view fails - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Fix: Image missing in email
  • Fix: Line spacing size incorrect
  • Fix: Page breaks within sections are ignored
  • Fix: Symantec endpoint protection antivirus slows conversion
  • Fix: CD_BIDI_TEXT not supported
  • Fix: Wrong document name within category
  • Fix: Null pointer exception on single page document
  • Fix: Metadata GET fails permanently if content is larger then 32KB
  • Fix: [HTML]: Text spacing -above- not rendered in table cell
  • Fix: [MIME]: Unknown mime header: X-Type
  • Fix: [OLE]: Adobe Acrobat documents not extracted
  • Fix: [ZIP]: Unzip of MAC OSX generated files causes error

Version 6.01 (2016-Jun-20)

  • Fix: Attachments with same filenames missing
  • Fix: View/Folder selection applet: Only folders can be selected
  • Fix: [PDF Binder]: Missing column data on response documents

Version 6.00 (2016-May-19)

  • Native connection to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365
  • Rendering improvements
  • Easier license management
  • Home page
  • Various bug fixes

Version 5.76 (2016-Apr-11)

  • Fix: Can not find library: SwErrorLib
  • Fix: Can not open PDF Converter database / DB closes by itself
  • Fix: Lotus Notes crash when creating documents with file names longer then 256 characters
  • Fix: [HTML]: Inline body padding-bottom causes SAX fatal error
  • Fix: [HTML / MIME]: Japanese characters not exported
  • Fix: [HTML]: Content width error on tables with negative margin
  • Fix: [HTML]: Img URL path containing '&' char causes SAX parser error
  • Fix: [MIME]: Content-Type: text/calendar - breaks conversion
  • Fix: [MIME]: Image missing
  • Fix: [MIME]: UTF-7 support
  • Fix: Courier font not loaded
  • Fix: Multiple back end CMD calls when using SWING PDF Converter
  • Fix: 'Do not include attachments' option shows only one attachment icon if email contains attachments with same name

Version 5.75 (2016-Feb-03)

  • Fix: MIME type PDF not supported
  • Fix: MIME not detected if email form is "Reply"
  • Fix: [DLL]: Form RTF field defined as TextList in back end document not rendered correctly
  • Fix: RTF embedded Windows controls support
  • Fix: Path not found error when converting separate PDF files
  • Fix: Null pointer error while parsing an embedded view
  • Fix: Metadata - Parent document UNID
  • Fix: Checkbox without content always rendered unchecked
  • Fix: Attachments within table after radio buttons not rendered

Version 5.74 (2015-Dec-10)

  • Fix: Attachments folder duplicated if file name contains double space
  • Fix: File/Path access errors on structured PDF conversions from Notes view
  • Fix: No spacing after italic text
  • Fix: swpdfdoc.AppendTo() function does not clean temporary files

Version 5.73 (2015-Oct-30)

  • Fix: Error 76 - Path not found(76)
  • Fix: Images with inline "display" CSS style are not shown
  • Fix: [LotusScript API]: SwPDFDocument.AppendTo() does not work
  • Fix: PDF Collections "resulting PDF file could not be read" error
  • Fix: [HTML]: CSS parser - "ActiveBorder" color unknown
  • Fix: [HTML]: InlineBox overflows with css: "display: inline-box width:100%"
  • Fix: [MIME]: Bad padding-top regexp causes content loss
  • Fix: Fidelity issues
  • Fix: Metadata java.util.NoSuchElementException
  • Fix: MIME attachment NullPointerException

Version 5.72 (2015-Sep-17)

  • Fix: Attachment could not be found
  • Fix: Bookmarks: Header/Footer calculate wrong page width for 2nd+ document
  • Fix: Bullet lists do not conform to left margin setting
  • Fix: Documents converted with wrong form
  • Fix: Init PDF Converter without creating swpdfreg profile
  • Fix: No table spacing in PDF
  • Fix: Now new line after horizontal ruler
  • Fix: NullPointerException processMergedCells
  • Fix: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x1c) was found
  • Fix: View Categories conversion fails on Linux Domino Server
  • Fix: When "Convert&Append" option is selected, "Convert&Append attachments only" option is forced
  • Fix: [Bookmarks]: Header/Footer total page count not calculated
  • Fix: [API]: NotesException: Profile document not found
  • Fix: [API]: LoadSettingsFromUNID throws Subscript out of range(9) error
  • Fix: [API]: Property IncludeAttachments get's Variant parameter instead of Boolean
  • Fix: [API]: Unlimited server license can not be used on locally stored database
  • Fix: [API]: Custom metadata only option does not work.
  • Fix: [HTML]: Misplaced declaration causes content loss
  • Fix: [HTML]: Text gone over page margin
  • Fix: [MIME]: Inline image with application/octet stream header throws exception
  • Fix: [MIME]: null pointer error on image
  • Fix: Fidelity issue, text moved to right and broken in two lines
  • Fix: Table borders are not invisible
  • Fix: Merged cells row width not correct
  • Fix: [R6]: NoSuchMethodError on exception from UI
  • New : Using PDF Converter with Reader access (with write public documents access)
  • New : Custom metadata is now added to PDF portfolio metadata

Version 5.71 (2015-May-26)

  • Fix: Bookmarks: Header/Footer calculates wrong page width
  • Fix: Bulleted lists do not conform to left margin setting
  • Fix: Documents converted with wrong form
  • Fix: No new line after horizontal ruler
  • Fix: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x1c) was found
  • Fix: View Categories conversion fails on Linux Domino Server
  • Fix: [Bookmarks]: Header/Footer page count not calculated
  • Fix: [Domino Server API]: NotesException: Profile document not found
  • Fix: [HTML]: Misplaced declaration causes content loss
  • Fix: [LotusScript API]: LoadSettingsFromUNID throws Subscript out of range(9) error
  • Fix: [LotusScript API]: Property IncludeAttachments get's Variant parameter instead of Boolean
  • Fix: [LotusScript API]: Unlimited server license can not be used on localy stored database
  • Fix: [R6]: NoSuchMethodError on exception from UI

Version 5.70 (2015-Feb-18)

  • Fix: Extract attachments to disk

Version 5.69 (2015-Feb-09)

  • Fix: Conversion fails if matadata is enabled
  • Fix: File size calculation wrong on PDF append
  • Fix: Missing info when appending to PDF Package
  • Fix: PDF documents with unicode file names can not be moved to client when server side conversion is enabled
  • Fix: [DLL]: Attachments can not be extracted on x64 Domino Server
  • Fix: [DLL]: Document conversion crashes Lotus Notes

Version 5.68 (2014-Nov-04)

  • Fix: Batch OpenOffice conversion fails (process is already running)
  • Fix: getCachedResource issue:
  • Fix: Hidden fields are rendered when conversion is on server
  • Fix: Support for attachments with the same file name
  • Fix: [CMIS]: Directory detection fails on Nuxeo CMS
  • Fix: [DLL]: Lotus Domino Server run's out of memory handles
  • Fix: [DLL]: RTF is missing
  • Fix: [HTML]: Preformatted text not wrapped

Version 5.67 (2014-Oct-13)

  • Fix: Append PDF files greater then 30MB crashes JVM
  • Fix: Attachments with the same name saved on disk with random name
  • Fix: Conversion of document without form and default form crashes Lotus Notes
  • Fix: Conversion slow on multiple documents selection
  • Fix: Document content misaligned
  • Fix: Documents crashing Notes
  • Fix: Issue when using selection formula for Archiving jobs
  • Fix: Issues with international characters when contained within MIME emails
  • Fix: PDF document append loses annotations and form data
  • Fix: Portfolios - Overflow error on conversions larger then 32 767 documents
  • Fix: Portfolios - PDF document not found as file or resource
  • Fix: [CMIS]: Documents uploaded to CMS loses original file name
  • Fix: [OLE]: File input stream not released in case of exception
  • New: Render buttons in PDF

Version 5.66 (2014-Oct-09)

  • New: Caching the database image resources
  • New: Warning logs
  • Fix: Content in hidden section is visible
  • Fix: Show attachment icon not respected for MIME emails
  • Fix: Content missing in PDF document
  • Fix: Notes conditional section not displayed in PDF
  • Fix: [MIME]: QB encoded content mixed with raw text throws exception
  • Fix: [MIME]: Wrong charset causes text glyph loss

Version 5.65 (2014-Aug-18)

  • Fix: Attachments with forward slash in file name are not exported
  • Fix: Conversion error when exporting view category documents as separate files
  • Fix: Convert & Append option loses source attachment icon
  • Fix: Multiple images one after other, without paragraph delimiter cause loss of image data
  • Fix: Notes form attachments not extracted
  • Fix: PDF Security settings break conversion
  • Fix: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when extract zip files is enabled
  • Fix: The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open
  • Fix: Windows Script font not supported
  • Fix: WidthOwerflowException: Content width greater than writeable document width
  • Fix: Notes error: Encoded Data Checksum Mismatch - Attachment may be corrupted
  • Fix: NotesException: Object has been removed or recycled
  • Fix: [MIME]: DecodeContent - Note item not found
  • Fix: [MIME]: forbidden character encountered while parsing attribute! ==>["]
  • Fix: [MIME]: Multipart percent encoding fails

Version 5.63 (2014-Jul-16)

  • Fix: CJK Font faces lost
  • Fix: Document.Recycle() function not working
  • Fix: Exception: Attachment has been modified or corrupted since signed
  • Fix: Fidelity issue (hidden content in PDF)
  • Fix: Object has been removed or recycled on attachments

Version 5.62 (2014-Jun-27)

  • Fix: Hidden sections are shown in PDF
  • Fix: LMBCS decoding error on Unicode strings
  • Fix: PDF Attachment missing

Version 5.61 (2014-Jun-23)

  • Fix: Reference lost in PDF document for attachments with 0 bytes file size
  • Fix: Content loss when appending Acrobat Forms to PDF document
  • Fix: Save to UNC path not working
  • Fix: Some document links fail with low level renderer

Version 5.60 (2014-Jun-02)

  • New : Unicode file names support
  • New : ATT_OPTION_EXPORT_TO_HDD - set user-defined folder
  • Fix: Archiving job resume fails after midnight
  • Fix: Attachments missing in PDF