Types of output

PDF Converter provides 4 different types of document/email export to PDF allowing you to choose how to best organize your PDF files for later viewing or searching. Here is a description of each type of export.

Note: To learn more about the available attachment handling options, see this article.

Export to a single PDF file with a Bookmarks view

A PDF file with a Bookmarks view is shown in the below image (click on image for a bigger display). In the below example, all the emails were merged into a single PDF file while the PDF bookmarks view was generated by replicating the folder structure from a Notes mail box. The bookmarks view provides the ability view and navigate through your emails in PDF just as you did in Notes.

The bookmark view can also be created from categorized views in custom Notes applications while also preserving the parent-child relationships between documents.

Export to multiple PDF files

Multiple documents or emails may be exported to individual PDF files which are stored on the hard drive. This type of export may be particularly useful if your documents or emails are to be imported into a different system (e.g. Sharepoint).

The generated PDF files will by default be named using the values in your Notes view. If you need the files to be named in a different manner, you can easily set up a custom naming convention as described in the following articles:

pageHow to create a naming rule for the PDFspageHow to set up a custom naming convention for PDF files

Export to multiple PDF files with automatic generation of folder structure

As opposed to flat generating of individual PDF files, PDF Converter also allows you to automatically create a folder structure on your hard drive which resembles your Notes folders or views and then populate these folders with corresponding PDF documents.

The below screenshots show an example of folders created in the standard Notes mailbox (on the left) and the folder content exported to a specified location on the hard drive (on the right). Click the image for a bigger display.

Export to a PDF package

A PDF package (or PDF portfolio as it is also called) is a single PDF file which acts as a container for multiple PDF documents and attachments. You can then browse through these files in your PDF reader, search them and even sort them by columns (such as date, subject etc.).

An example of a PDF package generated from a Notes mailbox is shown in the below image (click the image for a bigger display). To view PDF package files you will need Adobe Reader (other PDF readers may not support display of PDF packages).

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