Concurrent execution issues

Concurrent execution (multi-threading) is supported starting with SWING PDF Converter version 4 and higher.

Concurrent execution is not supported in SWING PDF Converter versions 3 or lower. This means that SWING PDF Converter will not work properly if for example two users are trying to run the conversion on a server at the same time.

Concurrent execution can be simulated by setting server's number of concurrent agents to 1. In this case all agent execution requests will be queued and executed one after the other.

Here's how to set number of concurrent agents to one:

  • Open your server settings in Domino Administrator.

  • In the left pane, select Server -> Current Server Document

  • In the Current Server Document page select Server Tasks tab and then the Agent Manager tab.

  • Set Max concurrent agents fields value to 1.

  • Save and close server document