Upgrade PDF Converter to a new release


If you are upgrading your local installation of PDF Converter and you don't wish or require that the existing PDF Converter settings be available in the upgraded installation, then a faster way to perform the upgrade is to simply remove your PDF toolbar icon, delete the PDFConverter.nsf database from your system and then run a fresh install using the newer version of PDF Converter. In this case you can skip the rest of this article.


If you need to upgrade the SWING PDF Converter libraries in a custom application, see this article.

Here are the instructions to upgrade your SWING PDF Converter installation to a newer release (the described procedure can be used for upgrading both local and server-side installations of SWING PDF Converter):

1. Download the product version you are upgrading to (by using the download link provided by SWING Software) and extract the NSF file from the ZIP package to an appropriate location.

2. Create a template file from the new NSF file you downloaded using the following steps:

  • Open the SWING PDF Converter database (PDFConverter.nsf) in your Lotus Notes client and enter your license key when prompted. If you are not connected to the Internet, you will need to perform an offline license activation.

  • Go to File > Application > New Copy menu (in Notes R7 and R6.5 this menu is found under File > Database > New Copy).

  • In the New Copy pop-up make sure you change the file extension to an NTF extension (see picture below for reference). Also, in the the Server field enter the location of the server where the database being upgraded is located (set this field to Local if you are upgrading a local installation of SWING PDF Converter)

After you hit OK the template will be created and it should show up in your Lotus Notes workspace.

3. Replace the design of the SWING PDF Converter database being upgraded with the database template created in step 2 using the following steps:

Right-click PDF Converter database that should be updated and select Application > Replace Design (or Database > Replace Design in older versions of Notes):

In the Replace Database Design window select the SWING PDF Converter database template (1) and hit Replace (2).

4. With the above steps completed you now need to start a new PDF conversion job, after which you will be prompted to restart your Server (or Notes Client, depending on where PDF Converter is installed).

After restarting, the upgrade procedure is complete.

Note: If you get any errors when you run the application (such as "SWPDFCreator not defined" or "SWPDFERR not defined"), you will need to open the target database in Domino Designer and run the Recompile All Lotus Script action from the Tools menu.

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