Error - INITIALIZE ERROR: EXTRACTJAVARESOURCES (nn) : 91 - Object variable not set - INIT (nn) - Lea


The EXTRACTJAVARESOURCES type of error usually occurs if some product components were not properly extracted during installation.


This solution is provided for version 1.5 of PDF Converter only. For other versions please contact SWING Software support by email or contact form.

Open your SWING PDF Converter database in Domino Designer and open the "SwExternalResources" and "SwExternalResourcesR6" forms. You should find a file on the "SwExternalResources" form named "flying-saucer-min.jar". Copy the file from that form to the "SwExternalResourcesR6" form and make sure you do not change the file name. Save the form.

Now you should have that file on both those forms. Close the designer and all of your Notes programs.

Go to you Notes data folder (usually "C:\Program files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data"); there should be a folder there named "temp". Open that folder and delete everything inside it.

Now sign the SWING PDF Converter database with active Server ID (if on server) or current user ID (if on local). The signer must have enough rights to run unrestricted agents.

Once the above tasks have been completed, open your Lotus Notes client and try to run the conversion now. You will be asked to restart your Notes client. After a restart the issue is fixed and you should be able to run PDF conversions in the standard way.


If the problem persists you will need to contact the SWING Software support team at It is recommended that you include the following information in your email:

  1. System Information: (e.g. CLIENT: Lotus Notes 8.5, MS Windows XP SP2; SERVER: MS Windows 2003 Server SP2, Lotus Domino 8.5)

  2. SWING PDF Converter version number (the version number may be seen during the first step of PDF conversion in lower left corner)

  3. Content of your Java Debug Console at the point when error occurs. (to get this content, activate the Java Debug Console in your Notes client (File -> Tools - Show Java Debug Console), and try to convert some documents again. Then as the error is thrown and the process hangs, you can copy the Java Console content)

  4. Error message, screen shots, and any additional information you can provide

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