Installing PDF Converter on server for automated archiving

This article provides step-by-step instructions for installing SWING PDF Converter on the server in order to run automated archiving jobs.

1. Extract the PDFConverter.nsf file from the ZIP package you downloaded and copy it to your Domino server’s data folder.

2. Sign the PDFConverter.nsf database with your server’s ID using your Domino Administrator.

3. Open the SWING PDF Converter database. You will be prompted to enter your license key in order to activate your license. Copy/paste the license key you obtained from the vendor and click OK.

4. Click on the Archiving Jobs menu and hit OK when prompted to extract PDF Converter's resources to your server:

5. After PDF Converter extracts its resource files to your server, you will need to restart the server. After the restart, you can proceed to creating and running new archiving jobs.


  • More information on creating and running archiving jobs is available in the User Manual which can be downloaded from your SWING PDF Converter database. Several tutorial slideshows are also available on this page.

  • Archiving jobs can be used to process only the databases/applications which are located on the same server where PDF Converter has been installed. If you wish to process databases located on other servers, you can either install PDF Converter on those servers as well, or replicate the databases to the server where PDF Converter has been installed.

  • You can also use the Install on server button to extract the required PDF Converter resources to your server (see below screenshot). This button is used if the automatic prompt does not appear (e.g. if the product is being re-installed etc.).

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