How to add header and footer to a PDF document

Swing PDF Converter supports Lotus Notes form* header and footer data as well as custom header and footer.

Header and footer can be enabled in Swing PDF Converter - PDF settings, under "Header/Footer" tab.

*Please note that Swing PDF Converter does not support document title tag (&W) in form header / footer settings. A workaround for this limitation would be to use Lotus Formula to recreate document title.

There are two header/footer options available from this page:

When this option is enabled, Swing PDF Converter looks for document form defined header and footer data and exports it to pdf document.

When this option is enabled, Swing PDF Converter transfers data from "Header" and "Footer" fields in settings document to PDF document.

From PDF Converter version 3.13. it is possible to write Lotus formula to header/footer.

Formula must be nested in "" tags. Syntax:

<swFormula>...Lotus Formula...</swFormula>

For example:

Today is <swFormula>@Today</swFormula>.

Time is <swFormula>@Now</swFormula>.

Swing formula tags should be written in the same paragraph style (size, color, style..). You can combine text colors for header/footer, only Swing tag style must be uniform.

Please read this article for header and footer management from LotusScript API.

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