Are Notes document links supported?

Notes document links (doclinks) are saved as functional links in the PDF files created by SWING PDF Converter. Saving of document links is supported with the following types of export:

  • Export to separate PDF files (flat or in a folder structure)

  • Export to a single PDF file with a bookmarks view

pageTypes of output

When exporting Notes documents/emails to separate PDF files, a special XML file (called doclinks.xml) will be created with each export and saved in the selected location on the hard disk. The XML file contains information on the locations of various PDF files and their document IDs. The below image shows an example of 5 generated PDF files (mutually connected with doclinks) and the XML file.

With each new export of documents to the same location, the XML file will be automatically updated with new information on the additionally generated PDF files.

When a document link is clicked in one PDF file, a Java script code in the PDF file will read the information from the XML file, find the location of the target PDF file and then automatically open it.

Note: Once the PDF export is completed, the PDF files, the XML file or the folders in the root folder (i.e. the folder you exported the PDFs to) must not be moved or renamed, otherwise the document links will no longer work and will not open the target documents. However if needed, you may move the entire root folder to a different location, and in that case the document links will still work.

Note: Adobe Reader XI by default works in the so called Protected Mode, which when enabled, does not allow document links to open documents from the hard disk. Therefore in order to use the document links, the Protected Mode needs to be disabled. In Adobe Reader go to Edit -> Preferences -> Security (Enhanced) and uncheck the Enable Protected Mode at startup check-box (see below image, click on the image for a bigger display)

If Notes documents/emails are converted to a Single PDF file with a bookmarks view, and if both the source document (containing the doclink) and the target document (that the doclink is linking to) were included in the document selection, then clicking on the doclink in the PDF file will display the corresponding section of the PDF file (where the rendering of the target Notes document is located).

The below image shows an example PDF file with a bookmarks view which contains a source document in which there is a Notes doclink.

Clicking on the doclink in the above example will transfer you to the target document, which is also located in the same PDF file.

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