Installing PDF Converter toolbar icon

This article provides step-by-step instructions for installing the SWING PDF Converter toolbar icon in your Notes client (click on any image for a bigger display).

1. Download the file, unzip it, and save the extracted PDFConverter.nsf file in your Notes Data directory.


  • If you're not sure how to unzip the file please follow these instructions.

  • If you're unable to unzip the file we can also provide you with the raw .NSF file on request (please send an email to

  • If you're not sure where your Notes Data directory is located, please refer to this article.

2. Double-click the PDFConverter.nsf file in order to open it in your Notes client, copy/paste the license key provided to you and hit OK in order to activate your license.

After the license has been accepted, you will need to close and re-open your PDF Converter database once in order for the license to take effect.

Note: If you are connected to Internet, your license will be activated online automatically. If you are not connected to Internet, then you would need to perform an off-line activation of the product.

3. After a successful license activation, open the Toolbar Icon Installation menu and hit the Add/Update button in order to install the SWING PDF Converter icon in your Notes toolbar.

4. Click Yes when prompted to sign the SWING PDF Converter database with your Notes ID.

Once the installation is complete, a confirmation message will appear after which you need to restart your Notes client.

5. After the Notes restart, the PDF toolbar icon should appear in your Notes toolbar and you are now ready to start converting documents or emails to PDF. More information on using the toolbar icon and the conversion dialog is available here:

Additional notes:

  • If the PDF toolbar icon does not appear in your toolbar after performing the above steps, please check out the following article on how to enable the toolbar icon in Notes.

  • Your Notes toolbar may contain other PDF icons which look similar to the SWING PDF Converter toolbar icon (i.e. icons which are provided by other vendors or which come with Lotus Notes). To check that you're using the SWING PDF Converter toolbar icon and not a different icon, hover your mouse over the icon you are using for 1-2 seconds. If the icon is the SWING PDF Converter's toolbar icon, a tool-tip will appear which reads SWING PDF Converter (see above screenshot).

  • When you start a conversion job for the first time, SWING PDF Converter will attempt to extract several required .jar files into the Notes installation folder and therefore it is important that the user who initiates the conversion job has sufficient write permissions on this folder, otherwise the process will fail. In addition to the .jar files, a single DLL file may also be extracted to the same folder (in case the Low Level Rendering feature has been enabled in the SWING PDF Converter’s settings). The DLL file is used for producing better quality PDF files.

  • Once you have installed the PDF Converter toolbar icon it is also recommended that you try converting some of the provided sample documents to make sure the installation was completed successfully (the conversion of sample documents has been tested in many different Notes versions and system configurations). Click on the Sample Documents link, select a few documents and hit the PDF toolbar icon. If you encounter any issues when converting your own documents or email to PDF, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

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